The fully transparent droplet pavilion is an architecturally designed, easy to assemble and 100% recyclable alternative to traditionally glazed greenhouses and garden pavilions.

Constructed from recyclable polycarbonate and FSC certified timber, the droplets’ aesthetic design is shock proof and durable.

As a light weight, transportable and quick to assemble structure it makes a perfect contemporary mobile exhibition or recreational space.

To acquire your own droplet or to learn more about the product, please contact us by filling out the inquiry formula here.


6mm UV-protective polycarbonate is used as the basic material for the facade. It is assembled with stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.

Doors are made in either black coated aluminium or linseed oil treated pine with a 6mm polycarbonate window.

Flooring and foundation is implemented at own request.


The droplet can be anchored in three ways:

1. Trench: By extending the facade into the ground in a soil trench. This secures the droplet during stormy weather and simoultaneously keeps garden pests at bay.

2. Screw foundation: By drilling galvanized steel screws into the ground.

3. Base: By using a CLT base (12cm thick wooden board), which at the same time creates the flooring.


The droplet can be ventilated in two ways:

1. There are two or more (up to four) doors mounted. This allows for a draft to create circular movement of air.

2. Top windows are established which is controlled either mechanically or electronically.

It is also possible to install additional ventilation hatches along the foundation ring.


The self-sustained pavilion is offered in three standard
sizes - 25, 50 or 80m2.

For bigger sizes a supported structure is needed. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to customize the droplet size to your own needs.


The price for the 25m2 droplet begins at DKK 103.000 excl. VAT, delivery and assembly. Included in the price is the following:

- Facade with belonging bolts, nuts, washers and soil trench foundation.

- 1 x door in either aluminium or wood.


If handled properly after end use, the polycarbonate sheets are 100% recyclable. Contact your local municipality to learn more about recycling procedures in your area. You can also return it to us, then we will make sure that it is recycled.