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THE DROPLET NAKED can be fitted with aluminium or wooden doors and a PEHD thermoplastic foundation ring extented 60 cm into the ground to keep rodents at bay. Colors can be varied on the aluminium doors and the foundation.

The primary choice for the facade of the droplet is 6mm UV-protective polycarbonate, but we can deliver polycarbonate facades in translucent U–channel sheets, solid sheets in a variety of colors or even sheets in plywood.


It is possible to add an awning to your droplet to provide shade on sunny days. The off white cotton awning will be available in several sizes and is easily attached to the droplet with stainless steel hooks on the inside of the facade. The same system can be used for a cotton tent, providing privacy and allows you to use the pavilion as a guest house in the summer or as a children’s playroom.


We offer the droplet fitted with a base made of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). The base consists of 3 interlocking pieces and ensures that the droplet is kept grounded during stormy weather and creates an instant flooring. This type of foundation is an ideal solution if you wish to use the droplet as a mobile exhibition pavilion for commercial use.


Everything we value in life requires maintenance and the droplet is no different. In the areas where the polycarbonate sheets overlap, algal growth will occur over time. One way to reduce this growth is by conducting an annual cleaning of the droplet. We offer a solution with black rubber joint strips for the overlaps. This ensures that the joinings of the sheets are perfectly waterproof and conditions for algal growth are eliminated. At the same time, the black rubber joint strips emphasize the geometry and can also be seen as an aesthetic addition to the droplet.


Another way to address the issue of algal growth is by using transoms. With transoms it will be possible to customize the droplet’s appearance to your preferences. With this addition it is possible to adapt the droplet to an architectural context. You can choose between a variety of 12mm coloured PEHD thermoplastic transoms of your liking or a solution with heat treated ash transoms.

Above you will find it visualized with a matte off white finish.