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About Us - Droplet

Kristoffer Tejlgaard

Kristoffer Tejlgaard (1979) is an architect educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. After several years of collaboration with partner Benny Jepsen, Kristoffer founded a studio in his own name, Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard - AKT, which he has been operating since Spring 2015.
Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard is a small studio focused on functional and aesthetic architecture, based on honest and rational construction principles, fine craft details and the integration of light and nature.
In an effort to challenge manufacturers and builders in the industry, AKT has progressively sought alternative sustainable solutions to architectural challenges. In recent years, the studio has played a leading role in the experimentation and development of minimal structural design based on the geodesic dome.
AKT questions concepts such as permanent vs temporary architecture and always strives to design for disassembly – the aim to reuse the components of the buildings in new contexts. In addition to a close collaboration with clients, AKT also values a close collaboration with engineers, manufacturers, and craftsmen.

Tristan Falke Lassen

Tristan Falke Lassen (1971) is a construction technician educated from Aarhus Technical School in 1998. In the summer of 2015, Tristan founded the production company MARKANT A/S, whose first order was a 80m2 greenhouse dome designed by Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard for the Swedish public meeting, Almedalsveckan. Since then, MARKANT has delivered milled elements to Metsä Wood/Profile, Merton A/S, Cotter, etc., in addition to building-components for the various versions of Dome of Visions.

At MARKANT, sustainability is highly valued. The company works ambitiously with social, economic and environmental sustainability at it’s heart. With a passion for social responsibility and a desire to support local industries MARKANT’s work has a truly Nordic centred focus. With employee progression based on equality and merit; engagement, loyalty and a desire to learn and improve are qualities we value highly.

Our social responsibility values extend to ensuring we always purchase raw materials from Nordic producers and suppliers in addition to designing the manufacture and packaging of products to minimising bulk, weight and waste to enable their economic and efficient transportation around the globe.